Careers at Corso Systems

Corso Systems is always looking for the next addition to our team.

Corso Systems is a collaborative environment where we work with manufacturing companies to solve interesting problems. We operate at the intersection of people, technology, and information, building systems to help people do what they do more safely, efficiently, and intuitively.

Corso Systems is a supportive environment, providing access to the information, training, and tools you need to succeed. We collaborate with our customers to solve problems, focus on why we are doing things instead of simply how they are done, and seek the right solutions by understanding all aspects of the problems we set out to solve.

We value diverse and varied backgrounds. Getting into our industry does not follow a typical path, and our short list of requirements is designed to maximize our ability to find people who can help expand our worldview while providing the opportunity for a fulfilling career.


Systems Engineer

As a Systems Engineer you will be one of our technical team members focused on:

  • Customer Facing Automation Projects
  • Internal Product/Software Development
  • Support for existing system implementations


As a member of our Sales Team you will be focused on:

  • Finding new customers for our automation division
  • Supporting repeat business acquisition with existing customers
  • Finding opportunities for new product development

Project Management

As a member of our Project Management Team you will be focused on:

  • Managing the team’s workflow to ensure projects are completed on time
  • Work with sales staff to provide scheduling forecasts for new projects
  • Work with customers on projects to ensure smooth development cycles

People who enjoy working at Corso Systems are the type to...

Always Be Learning

  • Every project is different. We need to always be learning and growing to stay competitive and bring the right solutions to the table. Technology, people skills, how processes work, how people use technology to do their jobs better, how we can communicate in the clearest way possible, there is never a shortage of things we can learn.

Always Be Teaching

  • The value we provide is realized by sharing what we have learned with the world. By building a diverse team, our worldview grows, and we are better for it. Our customers are better for it, and if we are teaching people who are seeking to learn, this will form a positive feedback loop.

Be Interested, Therefore Interesting

  • Bring your hobbies, your dreams, and your passions to the team. We are not simply a collection of people who are interested in the same things. Exposing each other to things we like to do gives us a shared language, and can lead to fun interactions outside of the office, and new ways of doing business. From more technical things like CNCs, 3D Printing, and home automation, to cooking, crafting, brewing/distilling, and literary pursuits, we have found many ways to bond with each other and our customers outside of the scope of a project.

Some of our Benefits include:

  • A great medical, dental, and vision package
  • Matching 401K
  • Paid vacation, family/parental leave
  • The tools and technology you need to do your job (laptop, office equipment, automation hardware, etc.)
  • Remote Work/Work from home with the option of co-working space, with face-to-face options provided regularly throughout the year
  • Flexible Hours when not working on-site with customers
  • Ample training opportunities for everything we use regularly, things we are learning how to use, and things we find interesting
  • Regular get togethers with the Corso Systems group, including events focused on families/spouses/significant others/etc.