World’s Best Business Cards

We tend to do things differently at Corso. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve decided to diverge from the norm when we designed and ordered new business cards.

At Corso, we know what we do well, we make World Class Integrations, so your MES, SCADA, or other Business Integration, we’re you’re people. Heck, if you’re looking to start automating some of your brewery, we’re your people with BrewTel! What we are not are designers. Whenever we’re looking for an amazing design to help continue set us apart from the rest, we look in one direction: Paul from CrossTree Creative! He’s done well enough for us, that we should probably charge him for all copy we use to sing his praises! As a quick re-cap, the BrewTel logo, the re-design of the website, the re-design of the Corso logo, our cards, and a few more soon to be announced goodies are all him.

How Did We Get There?

Within five minutes of discussion, it was determined that we wanted something dye cut. After looking at some options, the Corso logo being dye cut was by far the winner! Just take a look at these beautiful cards, it’s something that we’ll hand to you and you’ll remember. Almost everyone who has received one of the cards has commented on them!

The Most Necessary Accessory

It’s always terribly when you get a card and the edges are dog eared and creased before it gets in your hands. When it was decided that we were going to get the World’s Best Business Cards, it was demanded that everyone carry card holders.

How do you make sure that everyone carries the cards in the card holders? Simple, anyone caught without the cards in their business card holder, gets to buy the drinks.

Want One?

Of course you do! Send us a note and we’ll send you one, we’ll even send you stickers as well.

Learn more about the World Class Team that we’re growing at Corso. Check out our other blog posts and videos, that we do our best to publish every week.