Wonderware, broke the mold with digital solutions!

Mixed with their Schneider Electric solutions, they offer a full range of offerings. Both hardware and software, providing a unique opportunity for your needs.

Why Wonderware?

For one it sounds really cool to say: Wonderware?

They offer some of the most beautiful graphical solutions in the industry. Plus it's a proven solution installed in many factories. Did we mention that they are owned by Schneider Electric, so you have all the Schneider/Modicon backing behind this one brand.

Did you know that Corso's remote viewer runs on Wonderware's Historian? Now you do!

Ask us about the work we've done on Wonderware. We're proud of it!

Corso has completed some fairly impressive projects. On top of that, we've done a lot of PLC work with Schneider and Modicon.

We've also worked with most of the Wonderware Digital solutions, including their Historian. Including the remote viewer that you can check out above!