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Why You Need Scheduling With ERP Integration

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Why You Need Scheduling With ERP Integration

Scheduling is not the easiest thing in the world. Some facilities have everything beautifully automated.  Others make you miss the day of figuring out classes by pencil and paper. There’s a lot of erasing. Corso is going to put together a handful of posts talking about scheduling.

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Again, there are many scheduling options including inside your Industrial Control System, ERP, or web based.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Is a monolith of software that can do literally what it’s name implies: plan your enterprise. There are myriad numbers of softwares, and an almost endless number of market segments. We’re going to talk about this in general terms with the assumption that if you have or know what ERP you’re going to use. If you need help picking the correct ERP, you’ll reach out and we’ll happily lend our expertise.

In manufacturing, we see a lot of movement to SAP for large manufacturing facilties and SAGE X for smaller ones.

What Can You Schedule in an ERP?

ERP’s are great pieces of software with one dirty secret: You get out of them exactly what you put in.

If you spend time and make sure to get everything correct the first time. You’re going to save A LOT of time!

If you put junk in and don’t care about it…You’re going to get junk information.

Corso will implore you to spend time and put good data in.


You should be able to do many basic functions of scheduling in your ERP. Forecasting demand, when items will run, how long everything will take.

What’s Missing With an ERP?

A couple of major items:

Process Data

What do we mean by process data? Anything that happens on the plant floor. From the point that something is “scheduled” to run to the point where it’s “complete”. Want to know how long things actually took? How about scrap? Other incidents and how long they took to fix?

If you’re using paper and a best guess for the amount of time it took…good luck

Items that need feedback

Things like mixed model scheduling. The ability to implement a change order. Visualization of the manufacturing through the process. Yup all of that requires process data and feedback. Without that, you’re sending an order and hopefully getting something out the other side.

Why You Need Scheduling With ERP Integration?

To know what’s going on in your process as it’s moving. To know how long and how much everything actually cost. So your facility can become more efficient.

Want to know what you’re going to connect your ERP to? Read THE Ultimate Manufacturing System Guide to learn more!