War Bag: The Series


Want to know what we carry around with us? Well you asked and we are delivering. Dave’s kicking it off and we’ll continue to add the video’s as everyone else opens up their bags!



Dave might have a love of pens and stationary, others might say it’s a problem. Everything does a really good job of sitting in his trusty backpack that always seems to have too much room, because he can always fit more stuff in it.



Remember to lift with your legs and not your back!




Alex might have more notebooks than Dave. Dongle City! How does he fit it all in that one backpack?!?!



Can we even count that many notebooks, or do we need to weigh them or are we to volumetric measurement at this point?



Agreed to give us a glimpse of what he carries around with him. I’m sure everyone will be surprised if he pulls a dongle out of his bag…



Are you surprised how many laptop’s he’s got with him??




Will finally answer the question: How many rocks do you really carry with you??

What do you think about Bills Travel Screen?




Is apparently lagging behind everyone. All you need is a house with no WiFi and peer pressure to get this up and running. And yet somehow, his looks fantastic! Like seriously John, how can you do that.

What do you think of John’s mouse, or maybe better yet, that crazy case that he can put it in??


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