Unboxing Freewave ZumLink 900 Radios


What’s something that (almost) everyone loves? Unboxing videos! So Corso is going to make an effort to provide some unboxing content that’s aimed at the Industrial Sector. Not only are we going to do our best to make it as interesting as possible, but we’re going to plan follow up videos that show the stuff actually working!


If you don’t know Freewave, you should! In fact you can click this link and see their website. They are awesome people who happen to be manufacturers based in Bolder, CO. We got in contact with them because of Ignition Edge Onboard. The ZumLink 900’s have linux boxes in them that will allow us to install Ignition Edge Licenses in them and run them remotely.

Mike at Freewave, thanks for taking the time to talk with us and getting us set up with this demo set. If anyone is looking to talk about Freewave, we can not suggest talking with Mike more! You can email Mike here, tell him that Dave from Corso sent you.


Of course! We have pretty good feedback with our WAR BAG Series, so we decided to show you some of the new stuff that we’re testing. As a side note, we’re always looking for the newest/better solutions. So we’re going to try and put together a handful of these. If you enjoy them, let us know.

If you make stuff and want us to stress test them, let us know as well. We’re always looking for new industrial solutions.

We must make our shout out to PAUL at CrossTree Creative. This unboxing video is for you and your strange love of all things unboxing!


Super high build quality. Really nicely put together in general. The demo box that we got has a couple of radios and include the power supplies! These folks have certainly been left power supply-less (is that a word?) in the past.

Up next, we’re going to hook them up, install some Edge Licenses, and see what we can do with them!