Unboxing Bedrock Automation OSA Remote

Bedrock Automation has been on Corso’s Radio for years. We’ve gone back and forth and never managed to find a way to jump into their ecosystem. A couple of awesome things happened that precipitated this unboxing and it’s important to point out. First, Dave and Alex went to ICC. Bedrock Automation had a booth there and we were talking about where they fit into what we do. But first, we say Jason and Chris’ presentation. Jason, who you may remember is a long time reader of the blog and we crowned with the best presentation, not just because he’s reading this.


What Do We have?

A Bedrock OSA Remote. Which is their newest and (probably) best hardware. It can be used as a PLC and an RTU. What really sold us, besides the form factor. Is the security baked into every level. We talk about security a lot on the blog and videos. This is Corso taking a proactive approach to figure out more and better ways to make sure that you’re covered.

Initial Impressions

We could run over this with a bus! A snippet of an actual conversation that Dave and Evan have had. It’s a really great build quality, looks really nice, and as you can see the box is signed by the Bedrock team. Now we’re not sure if this is a OSA Remote thing, or an every box thing. Either way super appreciated, it’s a really nice touch.

What Next

Evan is going to a Bedrock class shortly after this launches, and he’s going to learn a ton about what’s going on in the ecosystem, and how to properly use this. We’re going to plan on reporting back at that point. Plus we’re going to use it to build things, to security test networks, and figure out what we can do to show everything to you.

After all of this, we’ll try and answer the questions, of where should you look at Bedrock for your needs!

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