Travel Monitor Review Part 2

If you missed the Travel Monitor Review Part 1, you should check it out: here.

Everyone wants a second monitor, at least everyone at Corso wants a second monitor! The hard part is that most of us are on the road at any given point and time. If you’ve ever unhooked your gaming rig in order to LAN for 36 straight hours, only to need to put it back together at home again, you know a few things:

  1. It’s not fun
  2. You’re not going to be able to carry your 24in or 42in monitor on to the airplane.

So what did we find?

An iPad App, and cable!

Maybe Dave’s Picky

So Dave didn’t think that the resolution on the ASUS Travel Monitor was going to work well enough for him, he likes to be difficult. Alex mentioned that it would be really awesome to have the Retina display and a light bulb moment came on. There was no WiFi at the AirBnB, which is another story for another time, thanks to the WiFi at Mill Street Still and Brew, Dave was able to determine that there’s an app for hooking the iPad to the Mac Book Pro and using it as a second monitor.

In fact there were a bunch of them, so after reading a couple of review lists, and a few reviews, Dave went with Duet. For $15 and a hodge podge of cables and dangles in his bag, he was able to hook it up on the bar.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out the memories of Beer: BrewTel Event post, it’s awesome and even has a video!

From that point on Dave was hooked. It’s great when working at a desk, which when traveling might not be as frequently as one might think. The issues with the stand and the brightness that were had with the ASUS were basically nullified.


Now Dave will be really upfront and say that there are a couple of things that he wishes that he could change.

  1. Would be the cable (of which a replacement arrived after the taping of the video.)
  2. A bigger screen.

As Dave talked about on the video, he might have purchased a larger iPad Pro, but is not sure that the additional cost was justified.  The one cable (plus the fact that it charges the iPad) is amazing and he can’t believe that he didn’t know about it earlier.

In fact Dave loved this idea of the screen so much, he’s set aside his 24in HP IPS monitor to give this smaller more agile screen a much better chance to be used.

Want one too?

We’ll throw some links below so you can check out what we’re using and if you like it, buy from the links and we’ll get a couple of pennies to keep reviewing more gear that we’re using on the road!

Mac Book Pro 


iPad Pro 

Other iPad Pro

USB C to Lightning 90* Cable

Duet App

ASUS USB C Travel Monitor

Amazon Basics Travel Stand