Travel Monitor Review Part 1

Everyone wants a second monitor, at least everyone at Corso wants a second monitor! The hard part is that most of us are on the road at any given point and time. If you’ve ever unhooked your gaming rig in order to LAN for 36 straight hours, only to need to put it back together at home again, you know a few things:

  1. It’s not fun
  2. You’re not going to be able to carry your 24in or 42in monitor on to the airplane.

So what did we find?


The ASUS USB C Travel monitor

It’s amazing and most everyone has one. Now this isn’t a paid endorsement, but if ASUS is reading this and would like to either pay us and or give us more goodies to review, we would love to have them!

Evan shares what his looks like at his co-working space near Portland. Plus you’ve got the video below.


Things to know, the resolution isn’t 4K and if you’re using a really nice laptop you will notice the difference (wait for part 2 of the review.) As of the time we taped, you can only find them used on Amazon, because demand has way out paces supply. When using a Mac Book Pro, HP Specter, or even a couple year old Dell, we had some problems with the non-USB C versions. Plus as Alex will tell you, you can turn the display lighting up.

It’s all one cable and works well, other than the case, that doesn’t work well, in fact we purchased stands for these because they work so poorly!

Want one too?

We’ll throw some links below so you can check out what we’re using and if you like it, buy from the links and we’ll get a couple of pennies to keep reviewing more gear that we’re using on the road!

ASUS USB C Travel Monitor

Amazon Basics Travel Stand

Mac BookPro