The Full Canary Acquiring Assets and Transitioning Tags

Alex, Jason, and Dave were really lucky to sit down with some of the amazing folks at Canary Labs. After spending a couple of days with them, we really wanted to make a video talking about their offerings. This is the first of a handful we’re putting together and hope that you stick with us though the process. Want to see the first video? Check it out here.

Today, Alex and Dave are talking about Acquiring Assets and Transitioning Tags

Did you know that Corso is part of the Canary Labs Certified Integrator Program? Find more information about that here.

Greenfield v. Brownfield?

In an ideal world, people are going to be going through the process of setting up a Process Historian for the first time before any machinery has run. In this ideal world, we’re going to have everything named properly. Teams will figure out what the naming structures could possibly have impacted in the future.

Generally….we don’t live in this ideal world.

Most of the time, tags will be created per machine or per person depending on the way that the wind is blowing.

So either setting up your first historian or transiting to a new historian gives you the unique opportunity to fix all of that. Setting yourself up for success.

Transitioning Historians

Perhaps you are currently using a relational database and are outgrowing that. Perhaps you want the added benefits of compression or advanced analytics tools?

Use this an an opportunity to build off of the work you have been doing. Set up and change name structures so they are standardized across the board. Find the optimal workflow, then when transitioning tags and building assets, use those to make everyone’s life easier.

It should not come as a surprise that Corso is excited about what THE FULL BLOW CANARY has to offer. We’re also working on some tools to help automate much of this work and make transitioning between one historian to the next. Help clean your data, validate it, and then import with the tag names that fit your structure and nomenclature.

Stay tuned as we’re currently working on these tools and will be able to give you some sneak peaks coming soon!

Want to know more about Canary Labs? You can check out their Corso page… Yeah we like them enough to give them a page on our website. Or contact Dave (773) 241.0004 and he’d be happy to chat more about those solutions.