Thanks For 2018, We’ll Be Back 2019!

As everyone is frantically finishing up the last few things in 2018, we take a moment of pause.

Something that we have not told each and everyone of you is: Thank You!

Seriously, Thank You!

Looking back in what we’ve accomplished in 2018, we’re proud of what we’ve done and been able to accomplish. We’ve only been able to do that because of you. The royal you, our family, friends, customers, strange acquaintances that we’ve met along the way.

We’ve implemented more projects. Built more modules. Found more amazing technology. Had amazing conversations. Met great people. Took more trainings. Attended more events. Hired more people. Had our first Corsmas. And the list just continues to grow.

Sufficed to say, 2018 was record breaking for us. The only reason why we were able to do that was because of you.

All the kind words of support. All the telling us we got it wrong and figuring it out. Everyone who is making more great content that in turn makes us what to keep pushing the boundaries. That’s why we here writing this one last blog post before hanging up our keyboards this year.

[Insert about 5,000 and two dozen videos about all the great stuff that we can’t show you, or show you yet!]

So again, thanks for the kind words, the conversations, and everything else.

Rest assured that we’re going to rest up and come back as a bigger and better Corso in 2019!

From our family (of which you’re part) to yours a happy and healthy rest of the year.

The Corso Family