Thanks For 2017!

2018 Will Be Bigger And Better

A huge shot out to each and everyone of you that help Corso make 2017 a year for the record books! We did more, hired more people, started (and completed) more projects and flew more miles than ever before! 2018 is going be an even bigger and better year and we’re excited to get into it!


We hired a lot of people!

Meet Alex

Meet Bill

Meet Evan

Meet Dave

Meet John

Meet Olivia

Meet George


Corso’s Corner!

We gave you a ton of blog posts!

We did a lot of videos!

If you’re here, you’ve found our new website.

Next Year

We’ve got even more planned for next year, most of it us under wraps, but we can share that we’re planning on getting more into showing you MES and SCADA, plus a ton of work on the educational side of the industry and training. We’re making a commitment to actually write some of the many case studies that are piling up on our desks. We’re making a big push for training and providing our customers with world class training and we’re really excited about that. Don’t worry, Corso Culture will still be normal on the docket.


Who knows, maybe you all will get lucky and someone other than Dave will start writing some blog posts! (Looking a the rest of you!)


A lot of you have already helped us out with ideas of what you want to see, but if you haven’t, please drop Dave a note and he’ll see what we can do to satisfy everyone.


Thanks Again

To everyone for everything. Please remember to take a break and rest up for next year, because we know that it’s going to be one for the record books and we’re excited to have you along for the ride!