TechToberFest 2018 The Aftermath

In case you missed it, the 2017 TechToberFest was amazing. So everyone at Corso was extremely excited approaching the 2018 edition of TechToberFest!


The Day

To say the least, the show did not disappoint. Alex was pulled away at the last second, but Olivia and Dave had a great time!

Everything that happens at TTF is first rate. From the parking instructions (which for 400 or 500 people can be difficult), to the checking in, to lunch.

At check in, Olivia and Dave met Jim Gehring, Applied Controls President, and were greeted warmly. We saw Nick, our Outside Sales Engineer and said Hi. Also, thanks to Steven and Terry for the warm welcome and great conversations that were had! We chatted with Kevin, who works in marketing, and are in conversation to help bring an MES class to a location near you!


Everyone loves robots. There were somehow more robots there this year than last year. Everything from Universal Robotics, to Ready Robotics, to Cobots and more! Many hours of conversation were had and tons of really interesting applications were discussed. There were a surprisingly large amounts of robots at TTF last year. This year, there were even more. The expectations for next year will only be higher!

Flash forward to after TTF, Tommy called Dave and talked about even more robots. Tommy is extremely knowledgable and if you have robotics questions, you should completely ask him. They have a really interesting spray booth application video.



Let’s be honest. TechToberFest probably has the best lunch offerings of any event. Look at this beautiful pig, it even made it’s own edition of Corso’s Corner! It of course was extremely delicious. Plus there was of course appropriate beer. When we talked to our friends and customers Dave, Andrew, and Brian, everyone was extremely full!



A big reason why most people go to this event is to learn things. In addition to all the booth, robots, and amazing conversation, there are classes. As is his normal, Dave signed up for a ton of interesting classes, and didn’t manage to make it into the seat.

If you’re looking to go in 2019, we’re sure that there will be many really great classes. Some of the highlights include a smattering from Siemens, Cognex machine vision, Sick controls and more.


Next Year?

Yes, we’re already talking about next year. There was some really good growth year over year, and we can’t wait to see who is going to be there in 2019. So we’re tentatively blocking out 3 October 2019 to be there!