Statistical Process Control (SPC) On Ignition

Everyone is in for a treat! After some gentle poking and prodding, John has agreed to talk to us about SPC. For everyone that isn’t aware, John has done some amazing things with SPC. Dave like’s to say that he’s best in world, but that embarrasses John. So we’ve agreed on world class.

Before we get into SPC on Ignition, SPC will work similar to this on any platform. At the end of the day Statistical Process Control is Statistical Process Control. So the same principals and concepts will work with any of your software solutions. Corso would be more than happy to help walk you through any and all different solutions.

If you’re not familiar with SPC, check out our Acronyms Are Hard: SPC edition. Learn the basics and then buckle up for a wild ride.

Two Types of Tests


This means that you’re physically taking measurements. A really good addition to this is the instrument interface module. This will allow you to input your dimensional measurements directly into your SPC. We can immediately tell you if these are into or out of spec.



Ideally, your visual inspections should all be good. This is why we’ve set up this example with 0 non-conformities. Now all you need to do it mark down if something changes.




All the analysis you have come to expect from Corso. We’re continuing to use the same dynamic features and functions. Easily change the type and data within the graphs.

Just The Basics

As discussed, these are just the basics that John has created. We have 3-5times this built our and ready to roll. In many cases, this is what the majority of facilties need to start off and then build from there.

How Long?

Corso develops to allow for quick installation and faster ROI. A project like this can be deployed in a matter of weeks as opposed to months or longer.


Ready to get started? Check out our SPC Basics Package, or give Dave a call at (773) 241.0004

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