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Custom Data Monitoring Website for Solar Facility Commissioning

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Project Drive

Our staff worked with a solar power provider to develop and implement a web-based monitoring system for use at 3 of their new solar power plants. The website was configured to allow internal users to monitor real-time data from each facility, with data access to the general public on a 30 day delay.

The system provided operational staff with automatic email and text notifications of equipment alarms.

The site included functionality for customer invoicing and utility reporting to comply with regulatory requirements.

With remote access to each facility, we reduced support time and costs by allowing our staff to login to each system to make any necessary modifications after initial commissioning.


Our staff met with the operations team for a start-up solar power provider to develop a web-based monitoring system. The goal was to provide a low-cost, high functionality monitoring system for 3 facilities between 1 and 3 MW each.

We utilized Red Lion Data Station Plus units at each facility to collect data from field equipment and send it via cellular modem to a centralized database. This data was then displayed using trend controls on the site which allowed users to select date ranges and filter on equipment types and specific pieces of equipment.

If someone accessed the site without login credentials, they were presented with a graph of power production limited to 30 days prior and older. If they accessed the site and were one of the customers or the owners of the facility where the plant was located, they could see current overall production data and weather station information.

If the user was part of the solar company or their maintenance team, they had access to all current production data for all equipment and weather station information. They could also manage what alarms sent notifications, who received billing information, and administer users of the system. They also had access to a trend allowing them to add any datapoints from the site for completely customized data analysis.


  • Completely customized web-based monitoring of three solar facilities on one site
  • Power meter, inverter, and string box information
  • Weather station information monitoring
  • Three levels of access: Public, Customer, and Maintenance
  • Automated billing documentation generation and dissemination
  • Alarm notifications via email and SMS
  • Automated updates of on-site signage indicating power produced and emissions saved
  • Decreased commissioning time
  • Remote access to all facilities
  • Increased data visibility

Project Details

Carson City, NV and Las Vegas, NV
Web development, Database management, Data Analytics


  • Red Lion Data Station Plus
  • SQL Server
  • B&B Electronic Modbus Converters


  • Reduce future development costs
  • Standardized systems
  • Automated data analysis
  • Develop system using cutting-edge hardware and software
  • Implement system and train personnel on its operation
  • Reduce overhead costs for data analysis