OA Leading The Next Revolution in Open Architecture Software!

Siemens has a full range of Digital Factory offerings for all your needs.
Their most interesting offering is WinCC OA, an Open Architecture version of their software that is helping to revolutionize the way the industry develops. This is truly the most interesting piece of Industrial Software that you've probably never heard of!

Why OA?

You want almost unparalleled flexibility to modify your system to exact specifications and you want to do it really fast, with a lot of data. CERN level data!

Talking about flexibility, you can install OA on something as simple as a Raspberry Pi. If you want to do this on an Industrial Scale, reach out, there are some better solutions.

Ask us about the work we've done with OA. We're proud of it!

Corso has completed the first Oil and Gas Premier project in the United States using OA as well as a Premier Brewery and Distillery. Imagine what we can do for you!