Sepasoft Solved Recipe Changeover

Sepasoft Solved Recipe Changeover

Come join, John, Alex, and Dave as they do their best to explain the Sepasoft MES Solutions to you. We’ve walked you through what Production Model, through the OEE/Downtime Tracking, and SPC. Now we’re giving you the rundown on Recipe Changeover.

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To quote John “Recipe Changeover is a simple by powerful tool.”

Recipe Changeover allows us to do a bunch of things all of these within the Ignition and Sepasoft environment.

A huge part of this is allowing us to differentiate between non-homogeneous materials running in a facility. First, if you’re mixing multiple items into the same unit, like if you’re making drinks, or food. Need to mix water, sugar, food dye, and a few hundred ingredients? Then Recipe is what you need.

It will also let you set a recipe and batch how you’re going to make the products. Let’s say you’re going to go through a heat treat process, or multiple heat treat processes (like heating and annealing). Go from raw materials, cutting, heating, bending, machining, heating, annealing, QC, checking, paint, pallet. You’ve just created a recipe!

Changeover is going to allow us to easily and simply change recipe’s within the Ignition system. Want to run 125 pounds of Italian Sausage, and then 325 pounds of Hot Italian Sausage? Changeover functionality is going to make that work.

The next level is creating a hot list or a top 10 list for the day and being able to pick on the fly.

We should be clear that Sepasoft’s Recipe Changeover module is not a ISA88 Batch compliant module. We should also be clear that we’ve gone above and beyond anything that we could consider building in an ISA88 Batch system.

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