FactoryTalk your tried and true factory automation software solution!

With a marketshare in Automation approaching 80%, most people have run across a Rockwell Automation or Allen Bradley PLC and Software at some point. Many of us learned ladder logic on RSLogix.

Why FactoryTalk?

Because you're currently using Rockwell hardware and maybe their software or people that you work with have experience with FactoryTalk and want to stay in the comfort zone.

Remember the saying from the 80's and 90's "No one ever got fired for buying IBM"? Rockwell Automation is as close to that, as you're going to find. If you pick Rockwell, their solutions will work. Period.

FactoryTalk can offer an amazing range of solutions! They can solve both problems that you know you have and ones that you didn't realize could be fixed.
Check out Corso Shorts on AssetCentre

Ask us about the work we've done on FactoryTalk. We're proud of it!

Corso has done a lot of work on FactoryTalk! From they typical Historian and VantagePoint to Metrics, AssetCentre, and more!
We sent three of our Systems Engineers to TechEd 2018 in San Diego, and will continue building our relationship long into the future.