Process Systems Users Group PSUG 2018 Aftermath

When writing the preamble to Automation Fair and Process Systems Users Group, we planned to do one aftermath. As you can see we’re in the process of writing two, so some things have changed. Mainly, PSUG is amazing.


So if you’ve paid attention, you know that back at TechEd Rockwell, Automation announced they invested $1BILLION in PTC. You probably know PTC from Kepware (the really great middle ware) and ThingWorx.

Everyone was wondering what Rockwell and PTC were going to do to actually integrate their fairly different platforms. We got our answer in FactoryTalk Innovation Suite Powered By PTC.  It’s an interesting platform that comes with a free trial. *Cough* It’s always cool to launch at your event *Cough*

What Does That Mean?

Well we had to come back for Day 2 to hear about that. Without digging into the demo, it looking like PTC is going to “Wrap and Extend” the FactoryTalk ecosystem. In English, it’s going to sit on-top of a normal FactoryTalk integration. Then you’re going to be able to pull that information (and more) into ThingWorx dashboards. We think the overall goal is to be able to build “apps” into an ecosystem including FT Analytics.

We’re here reporting, but will let you know what we come up with once we have a chance to dig through it and find out more at the conference.

What Else?

A ton of really good Technical Sessions, Hands on Labs, use cases, Panels, and more!

The Asset Centre Technical Session was really good, and is continuing into Automation Fair, so you should completely catch that!

There was a really good FactoryTalk Craft Brew with the folks from Ithaca Beer Co and their Integrator OBG! They didn’t have beer, but it was really interesting to see the integration process that they went through. If you’re a long time reader, you’ll like that Corso have worked with a few breweries. They ran into similar issues that we’ve experienced, so we can commiserate.

Night Life?

We normally don’t talk about the after parts of events. On Monday night, the event included dinner. For dinner, we rented out the entirety of Reading Terminal Market. If you’ve been to Philly, you’ve probably been to Reading Terminal. After you got over the fact that the place wasn’t packed and it was just Rockwell people, it was amazing. The dozen or so food offerings, ice cream, lots of beer options, and coffee! Because what would our time be without and obligatory coffee shot?