Preproduction Perspective Update with Zack Scriven

As promised in our earlier Perspective videos and blog posts, we wanted to give everyone an update pre-launch.

Note: Ignition 8.0 and Perspective is now LIVE!

We thought that we’d have some fun and get Zack Scriven’s take on it as well!


Zack is really excited about the changes and opportunity that Perspective will bring. It will allow him to learn and use different skills that historically he’s been using. Plus it’s some amazing content for him to talk about on the podcast and other videos he puts out. As we promised, here’s the link to the Podcast that Zack, Alex, and Dave were in the same room. The first of many, we hope.


Actually wrote a really on topic post that hopefully Zack read. It’s called 9 Perspective Tips for Ignition Developers. Talking about how Perspective is different, but here’s how to go about looking at the differences and make the most of it. Alex has written a bunch about Perspective and as Corso’s in hour .Net and web developer, we hope he continues.


Mostly wishes he didn’t blink so much in the video. Was really excited to get a chance to interview these guys and hopes to do a lot more of this!

Overall, he’s really excited with the opportunity that Perspective is going to bring. All the conversations and opportunities to bring Control Systems to the next level is what he’s been talking about for years. He’s really lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group, that is Corso to help bring all those projects to light!


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