A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a specialized industrial computer with physical inputs and outputs used to control industrial processes. PLCs play a large part in the world of industrial automation.

PLC programming is typically done in ladder logic, a language designed to mimic the PLC's predecessor, relay logic. Many modern PLCs can be programmed in multiple languages, defined by IEC 61131-3 standards, including structured text, function blocks, and sequential flow charts. This gives the PLC the ability to use object oriented code, making it possible to build reusable code, thus saving development time and costs.

Our Philosophy

Having spent time "deciphering" other people's code in the past, we focus on writing structured, well-designed PLC code.

The benefit with this approach is an easy to understand, flexible system, capable of modification for future needs. We have libraries of code we have developed and tested, currently running some of the top facilities in the world, available for your system. After spending the time developing the code, we want to make sure that you get as much use out of it as possible, not to mention that it will save you in development costs.

Put simply, our goal is to build a system anyone can maintain in the future. Our customers should never feel like we are the only resource available to maintain their systems.

Our Service Offerings and Experience

Corso can develop your PLC programs from the ground up, or we can work on existing code.
Plus we off the ability to troubleshoot, update, and modify existing systems anywhere in the world.

Corso's Experience is extensive including: Siemens, Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation, Modicon/Schneider Electric, Omron, Automation Direct, and SCADAPack. Additionally we have worked with Safety PLC's and an extensive list of PAC's and other Digital Controllers.

Integration of PLCs with other devices and systems is a major differentiator that we offer to you. This includes MES Systems, HMIs and SCADA Systems, databases, drives, and RFID and barcode scanners.

Corso works on your network protocol, if you're running something strange, ask us, we love a challenge!

In addition to controlling process equipment we develop software libraries, APIs, Add-On Instructions (AOIs) and function blocks enabling end users to easily integrate any other hardware or software you may have into your PLC platform.

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