OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness - and Downtime Tracking are the core for many facilties MES.
Corso understands that a completely custom implementation can be an expensive and time consuming process.
That's why we've taken much of the guess work out of it and have some tried and true packages that you can roll out quickly.

OEE & Downtime Tracking

Developing from scratch can be hard for people that just want immediate return on investment for their project. Corso’s screens have stood the test of time across multiple industries and now you have the ability to implement them in your facility.

Below, you’ll find a few examples of dynamic screens for an area/line. We also have screens available for that dives down to machines, operators, and many other metrics.

OEE for an Area/Line

Performance Monitoring for an Area/Line

Downtime Tracking for an Area/Line

Want to know more about OEE and MES? Check out The ULTIMATE MES Guide, or start with the basics in our Acronyms Are Hard Series. Or get more in depth with downtime tracking with our MES 101 Downtime Tracking post.