Multilingual System Development

The global economy is causing companies, small and large to solve problems that didn’t exist a decade or two ago. One of those problems is how to deal with workers that speak various languages. Now this could be a single facility that has workers who speak in multiple native languages, or it could be multiple facilities across the globe. When developing anything, Corso looks at both the immediate need, and where you want to go. This allows us to serve you in the best way possible.

One more common use case are customers that have multi-lingual facilties. In many cases it’s English and Spanish. Sometimes we run into English and French. If it’s something like English and Mandarin, or another language, the same process would apply.

Sometimes employees struggle with communicating the system commands to the non-native English speakers. Many times we hear about a bi-lingual employee training new employees about which buttons to press at specific times. This negates beautiful SCADA and MES that you’ve created. It also could cause issues when a non-normal instance occurs and an error pops up.

We have a simple solution for you: Create a bi-lingual system.

Corso recognizes that your needs are changing, and we’re here to offer you the solutions that you need. Some systems like Inductive Automation’s Ignition offer bi-lingual development out of the box. Other’s take slightly more finesse. We’re here to help you create the best system for you. If you’re working on Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk, or Siemens WinCC OA, or another platform, contact us for specifics.

How would it happen?

We’d start by creating the system just like we always do, in English.

Once we’ve got the bug’s worked out, Corso typically likes to work with one of your employees. We’ll go through the system and translate it to the other language(s). We do this to make sure we’re using the words that make sense to people at your facility.

Why do we typically do it this way?

Porque! This means both why and because in Spanish. You can thank Dave’s seven years of Spanish class for that tidbit.

Then what?

Have your employees use the system the same as always. If you need to change languages, then press a button and you can populate it in whichever other language you need.

When you need to make more changes, we’ll repeat the process. Develop in English, then translate into the other languages that you need.

Do you have some bi-lingual employees? Would you benefit from having system options in two languages? Then what are you waiting for? Give Dave a call at (773) 241.0004 and get started.

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