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Migrating From Wonderware To Ignition Part 1

By September 12, 2018 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Migrating From Wonderware To Ignition Part 1

A few short years ago, Wonderware was the hot software on the market. Now, on a nearly weekly basis, Corso is getting calls from facilties currently using Wonderware (WW) looking at migrating to Ignition.

Instead of issuing a blanket statement of Ignition is better than WW. Alex is going to help take us on a deep dive of the differences.

P.S. Wonderware friends, please don’t hate us. Everyone really is asking these questions…

License structure

Generally, WW Uses a server license with I/O count, then licensed clients, licensed development environments, and a tag count license for the historian tags. Different functionality like OEE, Quality, etc., will all require separate licenses and will have their own requirements. There are some exceptions to this, including InTouch webstudio that is offering unlimited licenses.
Ignition is a server based license, with modules that enable functionality for OEE, SPC, Historian, database access, etc. Unlimited clients, tags, etc. Potential for a higher cost up front for a small system, but doesn’t require additional costs to add more clients.
The Ignition Unlimited is going to allow you to expand as far as you can imagine, Corso likes to tell people that we’re only limited by your imagination and our development skills. We’ve got some amazing developers and most of you have great imaginations! Have you seen some of the things that we’ve done?

Development tools

WW and Igntion are similar with a development environment to develop windows separate from the clients. This is a fairly standard architecture for any modern SCADA system. Ignition’s is included with the license. WW is a separate development license. This needs to be purchased and installed on any computer needed the development environment. Compared to just opening the designer in Ignition without installing any additional software.


Graphics capabilities are similar in most modern SCADA platforms, no major differences between WW and Ignition. Again, this goes back to what you want and development skill. Want to re-create your current system? Both of them can do that. What something to look new and have a high performance HMI look? The right designer can completely set that up for you as well.

Ease of use and deployment

Similar architectures here, server/client based systems all follow a similar deployment structure.

Wonderware you need to be aware of clients and development licenses. Ignition, if you have a developer open on your computer at home and also at work, that’s not going to be an issue.

What do you mean we have work/life balance issues?

3rd party vendor options and connectivity

Very similar functionality here, can either use built-in communication drivers in either system, OPC-DA and OPC-UA servers, or something like Kepware if there are not built-in drivers.

Much of this will depend on what you currently have or are looking for in the future. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll happily walk you through what this could mean for your system.

Historian capture, Store and Forward, out of the box tools

Ignition writes data directly to a database, WW uses flat files, with accessibility via a SQL query interface.
Wonderware has better compression, Ignition is easier to configure and manage.
Both have store and forward capabilities, and data can be interacted with in clients using trends, tabular formats, etc.

What do you think?

Ready to make your decision? Or want to have a more in-depth conversation about this? Please feel free to reach out and we’ll have a more in-depth conversation.