Corso Systems helps companies do what they do better. Olivia helps us do the same. She is always 3 steps ahead of the next question I was going to ask. Olivia looks at things from a totally different angle, giving us a different result than we would get otherwise. She is a great addition to the team’s personality, and brings out a new level of energy when she is part of the conversation. Just like with Bill, Evan, John, and Dave, the only thing I have to say is why did I wait so long to bring Olivia on board?

If you were working outside tech, what would you be doing?

Well, I’m not a techie by trade, so I guess the answer is really just what I do already, which is education (currently working on my Ph.D. and in a past life I was teaching in Brooklyn.)  If the question is “what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing?” then I think I have 20 different answers, which is probably why I’m not doing any of them.  Definitely something not related to sitting at a desk (I just couldn’t do it); I’d probably get back into the non-profit realm or choose global public health. 

What do you do in your free time?

My free time is limited between September and the end of June, but when I do have it I like to explore whatever city I’m living in, post up at happy hours, or read things of my choosing that are not research reports and papers.  For the past 4 years my teacher summer free time has consisted of 4-8 week long trips with my fiancé to various corners of the world, which is my true “spare time” passion; so far we’ve crossed the country in a Camry camping and hiking in national parks, backpacked around southeast Asia, did a 60 mile trek-in as part of a tour de Peru, and ate our way around Europe.  If I could somehow travel constantly, I would.

First website you go to when you need to take a break?

The New York Times or Twitter.  I really like relaxing with non-education-research-reading.  I love my work, but sometimes it gets overwhelming and it’s nice to read journalism.  I’m the worst Twitter user ever, but it’s great- I don’t tweet anything, as a rule, but follow all the sports, news, music, and journals I like for easy updates and good links to further reading.  I think I like Reddit, but I’m somehow really just getting into it as of the past few months. 

Favorite outdoor activity?

That I can do regularly given my proximity to DC? Running. I ran my first marathon in May and think it might be time to gear up for another (or at least to stop saying “oh yeah I ran one once, so my fitness is probably good to go for the rest of time…”).  That I just enjoy?  Hiking.  Wherever I go in the world I find the national parks and trek around; it’s one of my favorite ways to get to know a country.  I’m also a certified diver and would go diving every single day of the week if I lived in an appropriate place—the ocean is the coolest place on earth.

Favorite podcasts?

Podcasts factor heavily into the structure of my day.  I listen to The Daily when I’m showering and getting ready, Pod Save America or some of the other Crooked Media pods when I’m working out or on long runs, Stuff You Should Know when I’m dog walking, and some of Gimlet media’s productions sporadically to keep me occupied in the car.  I can’t listen to stuff and read/write at the same time, otherwise this list would be much longer.

What are you currently tinkering on?

Mmmm…I don’t really “tinker” on things unless something in my apartment needs repair, and even then sometimes I shouldn’t (RIP shoe rack, gone but not forgotten).  I do “intellectually tinker,” I suppose, on writing articles.  I’m looking to have something published within the year so there’s a lot of both early drafting and writing notes I sometimes can’t interpret later, and revisiting old notes and pieces to see if they spark my interest again. 

What do you think? Worth having a conversation with Olivia? Feel free to reach out Olivia.Murphy@CorsoSystems.com

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