The first phrase that everyone uses to describe John is that he works, a lot, even John said this. In addition to John being one of the premier Ignition developers in the world, he’s a full-time student and father of two. Which bodes the question how me managed to clone himself, or go back in time, or stop sleeping, and why he won’t share the tech with the rest of us!

John found one of the most amazing women in the world who somehow manages to put up with him as they raise a beautiful family together. John is always managing to come up with a fantastic idea or new perspective for our projects, pull a different trick out of his bag, he even knows about the super secret circle tool in Ignition.

John’s strange affliction to plaid aside, we are lucky to have him!

If you were working outside of technology what would you be doing?

If I were to leave my job today and work outside of technology, I would probably try and be a musician or Harley Davidson technician. In my adolescence, I would have immediately said musician since I lived and breathed playing music and played shows nearly every weekend. My early twenties brought my passion for riding motorcycles. Since my financial situation was different back then, any repairs required on my bike meant I had to do them myself, which brought me to my passion for working on motorcycles. It’s like that old motto that goes something like, “find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life”; if I must have a job to support my family, why not have it be something I love?

What do you do in your free time?

In my limited free time, there is a good chance you’ll find me out my motorcycle with a few good friends, goofing off with my boys at the park, or trying to learn something new. When it comes to night time, you will more than likely find my wife and I watching a couple of The Office episodes that we have already watched multiple times. We aren’t ready to let that show go yet.

First Website You Go to when you need to take a break?

YouTube. Whether it’s for watching videos of people failing at life in the most hilarious way possible or watching tutorial videos to learn how to do something new, YouTube is usually my go to website.

Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Getting out on the road on two wheels with some wind in my face. I know what you are thinking and I realize that that is one of the most cliché and cheesy sayings I have ever heard, but until you experience it you simply just can’t understand. There is just something about putting my favorite Social Distortion album on while blasting down the highway that eases the soul and slows down time in the ever-increasing speed of our society. For that short while, there are no worries, no troubles, just me and my machine; and life is good!

What Are you tinkering on currently?

I usually have a few projects that I’m working on. A Raspberry Pi 3 that I have installed a few emulators on so I can play all of the console games I grew up playing like Earthworm Jim and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I am also setting up a media server, ran off a Raspberry Pi Zero on my home network so that my family can all upload our photos into a central location and save space on our phones. My three-year-old son just gave me my most recent project by coming home with an old Buzz Lightyear from daycare that needs its electronics restored.

Favorite Podcasts(s)?

I am an avid listener of the Jason Ellis Show on SiriusXM satellite radio, I listen to it every day. Unfortunately, this show is only three hours long each day so that has recently made me branch out into the podcasting world. The Changelog, The Internet of Things, TechStuff, and Envoy Office Hacks are a few of the podcasts that I have started listening to. I am still looking for podcasts so if you have any you would like to share with me, please do!



What do you think? Worth having a conversation with John? He’s probably working and will know it immediately. John’s e-mail is a closely guarded secret, in fact you should be lucky that we’re even showing you his picture….



Reach out to and we’ll get you hooked up with the artist formally known as John.

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