Meet George

Dave will never forget this first conversation that he had with George. Over the course of 20 minutes, they talked about Music, Robots, High Performance Programming, and how we got into the business. It’s not often you run into a Biochemistry grad that also wants to talk SCADA systems. George’s path to get to Corso is as windy as everyone else and just like all the members of the family, we’re lucky to have him.

Instantly upon meeting something was obvious: George is a music fiend! When he’s not tinkering on a robot, or paddling in one of the local areas, he’s doing something musical. Our next step is to figure out how to put the Corso logo up on the big board for Metallica.

If You Were Working Outside Of Technology What Would You Be Doing?

I have a hard time seeing myself working outside of technology in general. I’ve always been hacking at something. We are in the golden age of makers: the ability to prototype rapidly, collaborate on projects with people across the globe in real time, and wearable interactive technology. It seemed like science fiction when I was growing up. If I was doing anything else by choice it would be working in creative coding for art exhibits and for music experiences. Which segues right into…

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

Making music, visuals to accompany them, and creating interactivity driven experiences. You can often find me deep into Ableton doing song construction or sound design or noodling around. I love all things Native Instrument and I am always working in Kontakt, Reaktor, Massive, or FM8. Shout out to Serum as well. I love DSP in general and applying it to music and video makes me happy. I have a ridiculous setup I am always working to minimize and do my best to avoid gear acquisition syndrome.

Video wise I am working in Cinema4D, Houdini, Unity, and TouchDesigner. I also love learning more about graphics and shader coding and incorporating that where possible. Each has their purpose and place in the puzzle I am figuring out and getting them working together how I want to be its own fun. I tend to use Unity3d as my prime generative graphics base and incorporate into TouchDesigner as my main control station. Creating loops or video inside Cinema4d/Houdini that I then mix together inside of TouchDesigner to make my visual art. I also dabble in VR experiences with using Unity.

First Website You Go To When You Need To Take A Break?

Reddit. Generally followed by a few pages I follow on Medium for creative technology. Lastly popping in several of the art and music groups I am in on Facebook.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Whenever I need some alone time I like to hike around the local state parks to take in the views from the dunes of coastal VA and NC. Love to Canoe through the estuaries and river ways. Otherwise hanging out around a bonfire with people dancing to live music creating some artwork and memories of good times.

What Is Something You Like That Most People Have Never Heard Of?

The Demoscene. There are always videos going viral from it, but people don’t really know it outside of the coding circles. People out there compete to make video and musical masterpieces using code that is often only kilobytes in size.

The graphics and music of this video was all made in code creating an executable only 4kb (4096 bytes) in size:

Favorite Podcasts?

Joe Rogan Experience. Freakonomics Podcast. The Musician’s Podcast. Dead Heir Records. The Collective Podcast. – Chatting series.

Digging through a couple YouTube series. Really enjoying RedLetterMedia’s Best of the Worst. Channel Awesome’s Nostalgia Critic and Rap Critic. Another Dirty Room by This is Dan Bell. Zero Punctuation on The Escapist for video game reviews.

What Are You Tinkering On Currently?

Getting 5440 addressable LEDs working via Artnet synchronized over network to match music and accentuate projection mapping visuals accompanying it. I have the backbones done and I am asking myself how I want to incorporate them either as a 3d sculpture, part of something wearable, or a mix.


What do you think? Worth having a conversation with George? He hopes so. Feel free to reach out He’s really into music, and loves making everything…what are you waiting for?

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