Evan is an adventurer. We have yet to see him let anyone else dive into something before he is already headed into the water. Once he catches his breath you see a big smile on his face and he turns whatever the situation is into a solid, fun engagement. From him hopping on a plane and driving a couple of hours into the unknown for our first meeting, jumping into the control system design of a really large factory, to figuring out how the sausage gets made (literally), there has not been a challenge Evan didn’t volunteer for.

Everyone respects Evan for going down the path he has to get to Corso. Not content with the life of construction, and wanting something with a steep learning curve, he made it happen by going back to school. Automation is not an easy industry, and the work we do challenges even the best and the brightest. What Evan lacked on day one in previous experience he made up for in sheer determination and a desire to learn. As is the case with most integrators, his learning curve has been extremely steep, and he is now starting to look out above the clouds as he climbs this mountain.

When asked about how he feels after going back to school and his new career, he just smiled. For as long as he’s been with Corso, the smile on his face has never faded….

If You Were Working Outside Of  Technology What Would You Be Doing?

I’ve always had a love for the ocean. I feel it is a vastly unexplored area, full of mysteries and clues to our true history and time on Earth. I always wanted to follow along the lines of marine biology growing up, as it satisfied my need for exploration and my quest for new ventures. When the reality of low pay and smelling like fish all day came into play, I started venturing elsewhere for my career thrills. The world of automation provides many challenges and unexplored avenues also waiting to be explored, and working with Corso Systems allows me to be creative and take on new ventures with each new job site and city we travel to.

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the list of extracurricular activities is endless if you enjoy being outdoors.  I balance my computer and tech world with a host of off-the-grid avenues. I enjoy hiking remote mountain tops, kayaking in crisp mountain lakes, snowboarding in the winter with every opportunity I get, and riding motorcycles, both on street and off-road.

First Website You Go To When You Need To Take A Break?

LinkedIn. I generally use the mobile app. Following the correct companies and pages gives me a broad range of news, from the latest IoT findings to the newest album releases. It gives me a wide variety of views and information that would otherwise be scattered throughout various websites. It’s basically my version of Facebook.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Activity?

My favorite outdoor activities fall directly in line with my free time choices. If I had to pick, it would be between snowboarding and riding motorcycles. Both give you an amazing amount of freedom and creativity choices with your own style, and allow you to create your own path to follow with each ride.

What Are You Tinkering On Currently?

My current list of projects includes rebuilding my 1987 Kawasaki 305 motorcycle. I’ve been turning it into a custom café racer for sporting around town. From paint and seat modifications, custom exhaust pipe welding, carburetor fixes, and motor tuning, I’ve been doing it all. I’ve logged quite a few hours on it, but it is definitely a work in progress…

I also enjoy doing various homebrew beer recipes. I’ve done a Red Ale and an IPA, and I am currently starting the brewing process on a Citrus Pale Ale with some fellow Corso Systems friends.

Favorite Podcasts?

One of my favorite categories. Podcasts are a huge part of my weekly routine. From travel time to leisure to workouts, podcasts fuel many parts of my day. In no particular order (except for number one), my list includes The Joe Rogan Podcast, Waking Up (Sam Harris), Radiolab, All in the Mind, Science VS., How I Built This, Stuff You Should Know, and a few others that fall into similar categories. My latest download, which I’ve yet to listen to but am excited about, is the IoT Podcast (Stacey Higginbotham). May be a little late to the party with that one, but I’m ready to get started on those episodes.


I’m always up for new challenges and podcast suggestions, or tips from fellow bike builders and home brewers. My lines of communication are always open, no matter what coast you’re from! Evan.hewitt@corsosystems.com or (509) 901-7989.


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