Perhaps you’ve met before, if you have his handlebar mustache or wooden bow ties might ring a bell. If you haven’t you’ve probably heard his voice on the Corso YouTube channel or read his words on some of the earlier blog post.

Dave spends his time finding ways to make your life easier. Tell him what’s wrong and what you need in order to fix it and he’ll find the best solution for the problem.

Dave wants to get to know you better. check out his signature video, and read below to check out some more about him. Once you’re done, reach out, say Hi, and tell him what you think of his Podcast Choices.


If you were working outside of  technology what would you be doing?

Park Ranger, hands down, I love History and the Outdoors. I spent a lot of time outside growing up and even when it was raining, some of my best memories are away from cell reception. My wife (Beth) and I are planning on visiting all 50 States, 59 National Parks, and I have a couple of Mountains on my list when I make it to the West Coast and Alaska.

What do you do in your free time?

We spend a lot of time outside and traveling. When we are back by friends and family, I spend a lot of time with them. Otherwise you can find me working on Picket, our bus home, and/or with my camera in hand.


First Website You Go to when you need to take a break?

HackerNews. It gives me a different perspective than I have normally, and overall the comment section it typically upbeat and there isn’t much flaming going on. 

Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Yes. If I’m by myself or need to take a break, I’ll go for a run. When with other people you can find me hiking, or camping, I’m always looking for a good thru-hike or Mountain climb.

What Are you tinkering on currently?

Picket is a 1966 Silver Eagle converted from Bus to House on Wheels. I’m always working to make something better. Beth’s list of things for Dave to do seems like it is always getting longer. I really want to know how 300 square feet can have so many things that need to be changed…..

Favorite Podcasts(s)?

Freakonomics Radio, Kings Falls AM, Welcome To Night Vale, The Startup Chat Podcast, HBR Ideacast, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, Coming soon the Corso Podcast!

I listen to them on Google Play, because I don’t own an iPhone and I haven’t downloaded anything else….


What do you think? Worth having a conversation with Dave? He hopes so. Feel free to reach out Dave@CorsoSystems.com or (773) 241.0004 to start the conversation. He’s a pretty cool guy and would be happy to talk about vintage busses, thru-hiking, or a system that you’re having issues with…what are you waiting for?



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