If you know Corso you know Alex. He was frustrated with things in a previous life and decided he was going to do things the right way. Put the right people together with the right solutions and solve any problem that comes our way.

Alex’s weakness, like most engineers, is that he can’t let a problem go unsolved. He has been accused of “reeking of integrity” so you can rest assured he will solve your problem 100% with the right solution for you, not the right solution based on what anyone else is selling.

To help Alex get to know you better, how about you first get to know him a little better? Here is the Corso Q&A we had with him recently:


If you were working outside of  technology what would you be doing?

If elementary school Alex had his way I would be a video game designer. Before I knew people did things for a living I had a dream job in mind designing the next version of Contra for the NES. If any later version of me had his way I would be on-stage in front of sold out audiences playing concerts and touring the world. I lucked out and got the best of both worlds in automation.


What do you do in your free time?

Free time? When I am not working with customers, the Corso family, or spending time with my wife and our dog, I learn about things I find interesting. For the past few years this has been a mixture of the physical with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the mental through mindfulness exercises, and the more esoteric with a deep dive into storytelling and mythology.


First Website You Go to when you need to take a break?

Feedly. I have accumulated RSS feeds over the last decade of most of the sites I enjoy and Feedly aggregates them all. In the last year I have also gotten into YouTube more and more, especially the maker movement channels.


What is something you like that most people have never heard of?

One of things I learned about for the first time while I was in Italy for work was the liquor genre of Amaro. Despite being super bitter, complex, and not easily accessible, it spoke to me in a way few things have before. I am always on the search for something to rival the best example from one of the small towns we worked in. I have made a few converts, and have gotten quite a few dirty looks, still I keep looking for the best the world has to offer.


Favorite Podcasts?

My Mt. Rushmore of podcasting is simple. Hardcore History, Song Exploder, Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell, and 99% Invisible. I also love listening to Gimlet Media’s Startup, The Prepared by Spencer Wright. 2 Hours with Matt Pinfield is great, as is Joe Rogan Experience, Waking Up With Sam Harris, Still Untitled with Adam Savage, and the Making It Podcast. That narrows it down to almost 4.

What Are you tinkering on currently?

Right now I am far down the path of learning about motion control and robotics. After working on a few really interesting customer facing projects I have some ideas I am taking a look at from the ground up. I am also constantly tinkering on the Corso formula to make sure we are giving our team the best possible place to work, and finding the coolest customers we can to share in our collective experience.


What do you think? Worth having a conversation with Alex? Feel free to reach out or (775) 750.0540 to say hello.

Alex’s War Bag

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