Return On Investment: OEE, Remote Viewing, BrewTel

Return on Investment is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in a project. As with the video we are going to talk about ROI on three different types of product that Corso offers: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Remote Viewing Applications, and BrewTel. At the end of the day time is money, and all of these will save you time.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

There are three main factors that we need to be aware of when we are talking about OEE: Quality, Performance, and Availability. Quality (of work) will include Failed QA/QC Testing, re-work, and scrapped items (all those things that keep you up at night.)  Performance will include minor stops, bottlenecks, and speed loss (harder to measure by eyeballing the situation.) Availability will include unplanned downtime, scheduling, and utility issues (you can probably get close but without the data, it’s hard to measure.) OEE will also include operator error, process upsets, and supply chain management.

The theoretical maximum that any manufacturing facility can reach is 100% efficiency. The high end of discrete manufacturing comes in at 85%, the lower end comes in at the 60% range. Seems low? Well the typical starting point for a facility before they implement OEE is 40%. Th

ink about that you’re only 40% efficient. Even if we throw out the 100% theoretical, you can more than double your efficiency.

Just think about what you can do if you could double your efficiency.

Cost of Loss 

Cost of loss is every time that Quality, Performance, or Availability suffers from the scheduled. Look how quickly even a small amount of downtime, a bit of speed loss, and a few minor quality issues can add up. It isn’t surprising why so many people are looking at their OEE as a way to increase their production and quickly pay back an OEE integration.

Like most things, increasing efficiency with OEE can use the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your efficiency can be found with 20% of the  changes.


So what type of ROI are we looking at?

Using OEE to make Business Decisions, you can pick the low hanging fruit, increase your efficiency very quickly, and find a quick ROI. Some facilities have found that the payback is in a matter of weeks, which is fantastic, they are leveraging OEE and specifically downtime tracking at a world class level. We can’t promise that the ROI for you will be in a matter of weeks. Using OEE to make business decisions and then leveraging those to be better, we typically find ROI can be achieved in a matter of months. 


Remote Viewing

There are three main factors that we will focus on: product differentiation, data collection, and using the data that has been collected.


What Makes You Different?

In the day and age that everyone is looking for a product differentiator, showing a potential client that they can see the process from anywhere is invaluable. An example of this is our Golf Course Pump Skid Manufacturing video. Each of these skids allow the golf course is able to see what is happening with their water pumps and any point in time from anywhere in the world. Seeing water usage, historical trends in the data, and any faults that may have occurred. This immediately sets a differentiation that will sell units. Depending on your product, the additional sale of even one unit can pay for the cost of the remote viewing system.

You can’t put a price on data.

Similar to our OEE example, everyone thinks that they are doing great until they figure out how to make themselves better. Data collection helps you figure out opportunities to make yourself better not only now but in the future. Figure out how customers are using your product in the field in real time. Plus monitor wear and usage to make your product better.

Let’s say that your best customer is using your product slightly out of spec. Helping them improve their usage and efficiency by 5%, and endear yourself to them forever. Guess whom they will tell all their other friends in the industry about?

What Are You Going To Do With The Data?

There are myriad different things that can be done with your newfound data, if you would like to talk about specific applications please reach out. We are going to talk about one trend that we are seeing in the industry in particular. Services. We’ve found a trend for more and more OEM’s to be offering services, as both another revenue source and because their customers are demanding it. No one is really doing preventative maintenance. They would much rather pass the buck to the OEM if there is an issue.

How is this going to help you starting a service segment of your business? A few big ways! First it will help you pinpoint what needs your customers have been having. Find the failures are and the signs of those failures. Put together a better Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule that you can then go and sell your services to your customer. Third, and maybe most importantly, you willvbe able to set alarms and other early warning items when a failure is going to happen with one of your machines.

Expanding on that a little bit, if one of your good customers is on the verge of a critical failure, you can hopefully save them. Reaching out and having one of your techs go there and find the problem, fixing it before there is downtime, will be a huge save for everyone involved.

So what type of ROI are we looking at?

Using the Remote Viewer and the data collect should allow you to very quickly implement and start making better decisions. The payback on a starting a Service program and giving yourself a huge head start, will quickly pay for itself. That isn’t even including all the good will and love that you will be gaining from your customers when they are saved from downtime. Remember the sales of additional units that might have gone to your competition without the product differentiation. 


BrewTel’s low cost compared to the typical cost one-off system will allow for a very quick ROI. There are many things that BrewTel does that all allow for cost and time savings. Here we will just highlight three: time, a single solution, and taxes.

Time is something that we can never get back

Allowing you a second set of eyes in your brewery, it gives you the ability to do other things. That might mean sleeping in your own bed, or being at a family event. The ability to take your brewery anywhere will create a whole new horizon. Plus when talking to pubs or other facilities about getting a tap, showing them what you’ve got fermenting at that moment might put you over the top. Showing more than just telling and tasting is always best. 

Say Goodbye To All The Excel Forms and Post-it Notes

Putting all the information in one place will allow for ease of quality control as well as simple solution for everything brewing related. Now instead of the paper brew log, the excel spreadsheets, and the post-it notes, you can have everything in one place. It will  save you time and frustration. Plus as your brewery grows, you can now add everyone can share the same information: current beers and historical brews. Lab work, and everything else, all now in one place.

Hate Doing Your Taxes?

Automation of your TTB’s will more than pay for the system every time you need to sit down and write them out. Taking the information that you are already generating and creating those painful tax documents. (You still need to pay the taxes…) All you need to do is confirm the information, sign, and send it away.

So what does the ROI look like for BrewTel?

Well you instantly get the best set of eyes in your brewery, someone whom never makes mistakes. Dave has done crazier things to sleep just to eat at home and sleep in his own bed… Plus one place to be able to store QC data and brew logs, trends, and answering hard questions. Many people we’ve talked to think that the TTB forms auto-filled make BrewTel worth it.

Which Is Right For You?

So if you’re still with us, you probably want one (or all) of these solutions. Fantastic! If you’re wondering which one is right for you, it all depends on what you’re doing. If you want to learn more about OEE, check out our MES section. Remote Viewing has some really good information about it, both in the Remote Viewing Page. BrewTel is specifically designed for Breweries, find more about it on the BrewTel Page. Additionally check out more of the blog for great everything and YouTube for more videos!