Key Team Members

Corso Systems is a family. Everyone in our family is a piece of the puzzle making us who we are. Also like a family, some people are more camera shy than others. We want to make it easy to get to know us so we’ve come to a compromise, we’ll give the key people their own pages to start. As you get to know us we will continue to open the doors to everyone on the team.

The People


Alex Marcy is our fearless leader. He always manages to find an answer to the toughest programming questions. Which might mean he’s a better Googler than the rest of us? In his younger days, you could find him playing an axe onstage. His ability to work while on an airplane is impressive as is his impressive knowledge of podcasts.

Bill Bohn is a Ninja and will beat you at your favorite board game…no really the only thing more impressive than his list of board games is the number of wins that he has with each of them. The first time he had to buy a fire extinguisher was to take apart a garage door. Which makes us ask: Where is your fire extinguisher? Bill is always in the middle of some really impressive projects, and we can’t wait for him to start sharing.


Dave Griffith is the guy who writes most of the blog, is in love with the oxford comma, and has been told more than once that he can’t bring an animal into the store (pointing to the DeadCat on his camera.) If he’s not out visiting a customer, then you can find him in the woods somewhere, or living in his vintage bus called Picket. He probably spends more time than any one person should at breweries and distilleries. The odds are you’ll find him with a water bottle and a coffee cup.

Evan Hewitt hales from the Pacific NorthWest growing up a stones throw from Yakama Valley, the place that 70% of the hops used in the US are grown.  His  artistic talent in designing beer labels is only matched by the stories of what he does on his weekends. You’ve probably enjoyed some of the photo’s that he’s taken while reading Corso’s Corner.


George Leary is like a Russian Nesting Doll, as soon as you think you’ve got him figured out, there’s another layer. From High Performance HMI design philosophy, to Sous Viding 30 chicken breasts at the same time, or the best places to visit in the Outer Banks (OBX), George is the man you want to talk to. If there’s something that you want to know….asking George is always a good place to start!


John Gerbac always keeps us on out toes. You can typically find him wearing plaid and working. When his family manages to drag him away from work he’s a loving husband and father to two beautiful little boys. Surprisingly, you can also find him out working on vintage motorcycles or enjoying everything he can in SoCal. Corso is lucky to have another developer and Engineer of his caliber.

Olivia Murphy might be too smart for Corso, legitimately, she’s working on her Ph.D.! When she’s not studying, or impressing us by knowing what we need next, you can find her traveling the world, eating a great meal, or getting ready for a run. Need someone who is really into podcasts to talk about how they factor into their day, she’s your person.


Want More?

If you want to know more about everyone s individuals, click who you want to see. Interested more in Corso, you can get some background on What Corso Means, some of the other Changes that we’ve been going through, or our YouTube Channel.  Stay tuned for more about us in our upcoming series focusing on beer and the good memories that we can share.

If you’re looking for more on what we have upcoming, check out:

We’re always interested in hearing more from you, yes you! Tell us what you think after reading the Corso blog. If you want to add something or want us to help you with a project let us know and we will do everything we can to help you.