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Inductive Automation Premier Integrators

By June 14, 2018 August 16th, 2019 No Comments

Inductive Automation Premier Integrators

Corso is extremely pleased to announce that Inductive Automation have recognized us as Premier Integrators!

What might you ask is the best thing about being a Premier Integrator? Our amazing Premier Integrator green badge that you can now find under our certifications. Corso is going to need to make some more marketing materials to show off our additional badge!

What that means is we’ll be able to provide more of what you’ve been enjoying. Plus we’ll be able to more appropriately voice your feelings and concerns. We’ll know more as time progresses, but hopefully, this will allow us to serve you even better.

There is a long list of people that we need to thank for helping us get there.

Firstly, we need to thank you, our customers for working with us and always pushing to make our systems better. Without you Corso wouldn’t be even close to the position that we are currently.

Secondly, we need to thank Inductive Automation, as a whole. It has been a crazy run since the very beginnings of Alex making a call to see how we could get involved. Every single person at Inductive Automation has been absolutely amazing. This post would not be complete without thanking a few people individually. First and foremost, Shane Miller, out Account Executive, this poor guy has to talk to use every week. We’d also like to thank Travis Cox, Corso’s Co-Director of Engineering, for your continued help and support. Your knowledge of the most intricate parts of the Ecosystem never cease to amaze. An extra-big shoutout to Don Pearson, Chief Strategy Officer, for putting together an amazing community and beautiful content. Without you, we would have not found Inductive Automation.

Everyone at Corso. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to put us in position to receive this honor. You’ve put in the work and we as a whole are receiving the benefit. There have been lots of flights, late nights, and we hope that you agree that it’s worth it.  We’re building something amazing here and look forward to continuing the upward trends.


Last, but certainly not least, our mothers! While may have no idea what it is what we do, they are still 5% of our blog traffic, and are always there for us.


We want to thank everyone for their help in accomplishing this amazing achievement.


Link to the new Inductive Automation page!

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