Ignition Explained Vision Module

Welcome to Ignition Explained. We’re going through the Ignition Modules one by one and talking about what you get with each of them, and how Corso uses them to build a project.

There always seems to be questions about what each module does, and doesn’t do. So we’re talking about them and trying to have some fun along the way. Alex is promising follow-up videos talking about all taking all the modules to the very edge cases of what they can do. Plus Dave drinks lots of coffee! First up, we’re talking about the Vision Module.

Vision Module

Generally, you can think of the Vision module as the backbone. Vision gives you clients. Those clients are the visualizations of the HMI’s, SCADA’s, MES’s, and everything else that you are building on Ignition. This is also typically where you’re going to get your designer. As Dave and Alex debate, and then Shane sets us straight, this is not the only place where one can acquire a designer.

Designer, allows you to physically build everything in Ignition.

The First Part

Talked about a little here and then more into following videos, this is only one part of Ignition. Ignition is amazing because it allows you to add on, start small and build from there. Or start big and keep growing. That’s what Corso points to when we talk about why we love unlimited licensing. After Vision, we’ll get into SQL Bridge Module. That’s going to be another video and post. So stick around and make sure you catch everything.

More Questions?

Or comments? Or something else? Please feel free to reach out and ask. We’re here for everyone to talk about all the great ecosystems that we work. You can reach Dave Dave@CorsoSystems.com or call/text him at (773)241.0004.

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