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Ignition Explained Tag Historian

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Ignition Explained Tag Historian Module

Welcome to Ignition Explained. We’re going through the Ignition Modules one by one and talking about what you get with each of them, and how Corso uses them to build a project. And we learn a few things along the way!

There always seems to be questions about what each module does, and doesn’t do. So we’re going through them one by one. If you missed the first video on Vision Module, then check it out here. Want to see more? Check out the rest of the series.

Tag Historian Module

Aptly named, Tag Historian allows you to turn a SQL Database into a Time Series Historian. What does this mean? If you want to store the history of the tags (PLC’s, Sensors, etc.) you need this module. Other offerings include OSI Pi (Rockwell Historian), Wonderware Historian, and more.

This will give you the ability to take the historical data and use it in other functionality such as reporting.

Setting Up

There is a lot of really good information on how to set up the Tag Historian Module. Like most things, we would suggest that you start with Inductive University.

Tag History Splitter

Check out the blog post.

Do we need this?

Most of the projects that Corso works on will have tags and therefore Tag Historian. Generally speaking you’re going to want Tag Historian as a baseline for Historian functionality.

What’s Missing?

The compression feature. There are could options and other Historian options that can be used.

Remember storage is cheap and you’ll need to run the numbers for your application.


Questions? Comments? Tell us what we got wrong! This is all about learning and that’s why we put these posts and videos out.

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