Ignition Explained Series Recap

Did you think that we were going to make it to the end? Some of us weren’t sure, but we’ve made it!

Thanks to everyone for following along and giving us ideas and more to keep making this (and future) series even better.

Check out the video for all the recaps, but you’ll get all the highlights below.

Vision Module

People are using vision as a stand alone module. More on that to come…

Designer comes with either Vision, SQL Bridge, Reporting, or Alarming (currently)


SQL Bridge

We got this one wrong. Most of the SQL Bridge functionality that we talked about in the video is baked into Ignition. When you purchase the SQL Bridge Module, you’re getting transaction groups.


Perspective & 8.0

Talk about something that has gotten even more exciting! Now that the public beta has launched, even more people can see (and develop on the new platform). Everyone at Corso and everyone that we’ve talked with is extremely excited to get the 8.0 and have a really stable solution for developing more platforms. Corso has a few Perspective things up out sleeves in the coming months for everyone to see as well!



If you’re not using the Enterprise Administration Module, you might be missing out. At the very least you should know what it is and how it can help when using multiple Ignition licenses in your architecture.



PLC drivers are included with the Panel license was our confirmation. Overall, a really exciting solution that is going to help push the Ignition platform even further. Especially when we’re looking at hardware that can run Ignition Edge on the radios. Like what our friends at FreeWave are doing. Check out our unboxing of their ZumLink radios and stay tuned for some of the other great stuff that we’re developing on them!

Entire Video Series

The entire blog series.


So what did you think? What can we do better? Did you learn anything? What else did we screw up?