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Ignition Explained Reporting Module

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Ignition Explained Reporting Module

Welcome to Ignition Explained. We’re going through the Ignition Modules one by one and talking about what you get with each of them, and how Corso uses them to build a project. And we learn a few things along the way!

There always seems to be questions about what each module does, and doesn’t do. So we’re going through them one by one. If you missed the first video on Vision Module, then check it out here. Want to see more? Check out the rest of the series.

Reporting Module

Sometimes modules are named correctly. The Reporting Module makes explaining the functionality really easy. It allows you to create reposts.

Most of the time it will be reports from within Ignition. But let’s not limit ourselves! It can be reports from anything that you want/need. Many people are probably familiar with Crystal Report an ominous name for a software that typically makes really ugly documents.

Easy To Use?

Like everything, it takes a while to learn the in’s and outs of Reporting. Some things are super intuitive, others are less so. Remember when Evan wrote about his first experience with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk? Everything is subjective.

Printing and Automating

If you’re creating reports, you’re going to want to print reports. Some people love paper. Paper, PDF, Image files, there are many different options.

Something pretty cool. If you want to print the same report, at the same time of day/week/month, you can schedule that within the Ignition.

Stay In Compliance

If you have documentation to fill out with the EPA, FDA, IRS, or other agency. All of that can be automated. We threw up some really cool examples on the video.

We should have gotten most of this correct. There are undoubtedly different things that you folks have been doing. So drop us a line and tell us how you’re using the reporting module. (503) 389-5811 or