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Ignition Explained Enterprise Administration Module

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Ignition Explained Enterprise Administration Module

Welcome to Ignition Explained. We’re going through the Ignition Modules one by one and talking about what you get with each of them, and how Corso uses them to build a project. And we learn a few things along the way!

There always seems to be questions about what each module does, and doesn’t do. So we’re going through them one by one. If you missed the first video on Vision Module, then check it out here. Want to see more? Check out the rest of the series.

Something Special

EAM is different than most of the modules that we’ve spoken. The reason it’s called Enterprise Administration Module is because it’s for just that, Enterprise Solutions. It allows you to manage multiple Agent Gateways from a single controller gateway.

What does this mean? People who have one main Controller Gateway, one central server, and multiple Agent Gateways can now easily connect them. Agent Gateways can be either other full blown Ignition Servers  or Edge Gateways.

Corso has seen two major use causes for this:
  1. Multiple, dispersed locations each running their own Ignition Gateways.
  2. Backing up critical machines or cells within a location.

Simplifying Tasks Over Many Gateways

EAM gives you the ability to manage multiple gateways from a single gateway.
You can manage multiple Agent Gateways from a single Controller Gateway. This will allow you to push or schedule activations or updates.

Synchronize projects and resources as well as Automate Gateway backup and Recovery.

Plus you can communicate over a secure network and monitor Agent Health and performance.

All of these things are really useful and if you run multiple gateways within your facility, you’ll be questioning what you did without EAM.

Baked Into Edge Enterprise

We mentioned Edge Licenses above. We also talked about it here. One of the really amazing parts of Edge Enterprise is EAM is baked into it. What does that mean? For the ~$500 that it costs to add Edge Enterprise you get easy, secure management, monitoring, and gateway backup from you main gateway.

As soon as Corso realized this, we quickly started taking advantage of EAM at all the sites that had multiple gateways.


What Next?

We should have gotten most of this correct. There are undoubtedly different things that you folks have been doing. So drop us a line and tell us how you’re using the reporting module.  (503) 389-5811 or