Ignition Community Conference (ICC) 2018

Something super special is happening September 17-19th 2018 in Folsom, CA. Everyone gets to meet Alex, George, and Dave!

There is also that whole thing of Inductive Automation is hosting their Ignition Community Conference! Potentially even more exciting than that… We get to see the new Inductive Automation Head Quarters.

For everyone that doesn’t know, Inductive Automation moved into a much larger, much newer facility. This is going to give them room to grow, and means that they are all in new offices that don’t yet have CORSO SWAG! Plus for everyone who doesn’t know. There is apparently some really nice Inductive Automation Swag that is available. There has been talk of some mythical closet.

If you haven’t figured out, we’re excited to go out there.

What To Expect

The unexpected! Or was that too easy?

There is a keynote on Ignition 8.0. The beta is supposed to be out pre-ICC, which should be a good way to have a conversation about it.

There will be some Discover Galleries. Corso will not have anything in this years gallery, but check back in 2019 when we should have some really interesting items to talk about.

We think Corso will be officially announced as Premier Integrators.

There will be some tables and we can check out some pretty interesting hardware and software.

Plans For The Week

In addition to being at the conference and seeing the new HQ. We’re excited to meet new people, see old friends, and put faces to names and voices.

Dave has been honored to be part the Integrator Panel on Tuesday the 18th this year. When there’s more information, we’ll talk about it then. So for everyone that isn’t John, or Evan, come ask Dave some questions.

We owe more than a handful of the people at Inductive Automation coffee/drinks/dinner, they’ve helped us more than a few times.

If you’re an avid reader of the blog, have seen our videos, or just stumbled across us. Let us know. We’d love to meet you and might be getting people together at some point during the week.

Be sure to check back here for updates as we figure out more what is going on. We’ll update with information on blogs, vlogs, and everything that happens.

What We’re Doing

This is all part of our pretty aggressive travel and show schedule during the remainder of 2018. Read more about that here.

Do you have plans that we should add to the schedule? Either around ICC or another event? Let us know. We’re interested.