Ignition Community Conference

ICC 2018 Aftermath

Big Expectations

Any event that sells out every year is going to have big expectations. Not only did ICC sell out in 2018, but they closed registrations after the early bird! The excitement was palpable and everyone that I talked to beforehand was really excited. Read about what we though was going to happen.

Can’t Miss Presentations

It’s hard to talk about who had the best presentation, because they were always great and are jam packed with great information. The one presentation that both Alex and Dave are glad they didn’t miss was Jason Hamilin and Chris Harlow. Jason promised, and delivered on tailoring the presentation to everyone in the audience on the fly. And no Jason, we’re not saying this just because you read the blog!

Dave was honored to share the stage on the Integrator Panel Wednesday afternoon. There were a ton of great questions, even if Dave had to poke the audience into starting to ask. A huge Corso shout out the Annie Wise, out amazing moderator, whom without, this would not be possible. JC Harrison, Leah Ackerman, Glen Fry, and Francisco Carrion also did an amazing job sharing their knowledge. Dave walked out knowing more than when he walked in!

Ignition 8

The Keynote! Don set the stage like the Master Showman he is….and they delivered. Ignition 8 and Perspective is going to be amazing. Dave never thought that he would say thank you for someone making an app. But here is it A HUGE THANK YOU! You can actually download it now on Android and iOS, or check it out: http://demo.inductiveautomation.com

The other major changes will be for their Global Architecture and helping Corso push changes out better and faster than ever before. If you’re familiar with some of our work, you know that we’ve got a ton of experience with work arounds, but this is major!

Can you say source control? Not more running to and fro Git or GitHub, now this is going to be a native function. That will be amazing and make work flow and work process even faster and better.

UDT changes are also exciting, basically, you’ll now be able to make tase changes without everything going bad on the project.

At the end of the day, we really want them to give it to us! Word on the street is February, which means it could be a long cold winter for some…

The People

As we alluded to, the people are what make the event so amazing. We would be remiss for not telling Shane that he’s an even more amazing guy in person than on the phone! Lester was even helping us out during the event. Oscar, we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with a Pi! A couple more quick shout out’s to our friends at the show.

Zack Scriven, somehow even more cool to hang out with in person than online. If you’re not watching his stuff, you should be! Zack and Dave are committing to get together at Automation Fair, so there will be more collaboration.

Cirrus Link, you for putting on an even more amazing show in person than you do online. Arlen, Chris, and Kurt, you were all great and extremely knowledgeable. Alison, thanks for continuing to help and support us as we ask really basic questions. We look forward to finding ways to work together in the future.

Seapsoft, your staff seemed to multiply every time we looked around the show. Mark, Jason, and Tom, it was great meeting you in person after all the conversations and emails. Your mugs were a hit, and we talked to a few people about Track and Trace for you. And don’t worry Mark,  keep at it and next ICC, you and Dave can both have handlebar mustaches!

Freewave, our new friends, you guys are amazing and Mike is a great sport for going on video (still to come). Anyone who puts a Linux box in a radio and spends time outside are going to be winners in our book. When Dave makes it out to Boulder, you are at the top of the list!

Shook IOT, Leanna and Dave. You guys are amazing and super knowledgable. We’re happy to help welcome you to the Ignition community and look forward to working together for many years to come. At some point, we’re going to talk about pushing your services to our demo server and being able to show them off the the world.

The Readers and Video Watchers

Alex and Dave were both shocked at how many of you there are! Like in the good way! We cannot say thank you enough. You guys are the reason why we write these and Dave gets in front of the camera. We’re publicly committing to doubling down and continuing to push out amazing content for you.

If you every have any questions or just want to say hey, please do so. It always feels great to know that someone other than our mothers are reading it.

Until next year at ICC, you can catch us at TechToberFest 2018, Automation Fair, and online here and YouTube!