Ignition 8 and Perspective Rolling Updates

Ignition 8 & Perspective Rolling Updates

We’ve been talking a lot about Ignition 8.0 and Perspective since the Keynote at ICC 2018. We’re excited and you are as well.

We want to have one place you know you can find all the Ignition 8.0 and Perspective that we’re talking about. Most of the posts have videos attached to them as well.

If you’re looking to learn more about Ignition Basics, we highly suggest that you look at the Ignition Explained Series.

Alex Kicked Us Off

Ignition 8.0 has changed the game, talking about everything that we’ve learned and what we are expecting.

Plus we walked though The First Look At Ignition’s Perspective Module.

Included in the Ignition Explained Series

Was a really good video with Alex and Dave talking Mobile, Perspective, Ignition 8.0

Transitioning to Perspective

Is something most non-web developers are going to need to learn. Luckily Alex started by writing native web applications. So he’s given Ignition developers a foot up. 9 Perspective Tips For Ignition Developers

Single Sign On

Is something that Ignition 8.0 facilitates. There’s a long list of sources for that. One thing missing, critical to Corso was Google. So we worked our way through that and wrote a blog post on using Google Sign on with SAML and Ignition 8.0.

Perspective Updates with Zack Scriven

After appearing on the Zack Scriven Podcast, Dave asked both Zack and Alex their Pre-Production opinions of Perspective.

8.0 Finally Launched.

You can read about that and the release train in our very excited that it’s now public blog post.

Vision on 8.0 Plus MLB Pick’em

Bill put together this amazing post about what he did and how he did it. Be sure to check out what we’re playing and let us know if you like this sort of post!


What’s next?

We’ve now officially launched 8.0.2 and so we owe you our opinions on how it’s doing. Many of our clients are developing new or partial applications on 8.0 and Perspective. So we owe you an update on that and some of the screens that we’ve been working on. There are some big things coming up from Corso.

Looking at Ignition 8.0 and/or Perspective applications to be developed? Please feel free to reach out Dave@CorsoSystems.com or give him a call at (773) 241.0004

What do you want to see? From Ignition 8.0, Perspective, and in general? Reach out so we can continue to show you relevant applications.