Ignition 8.0 Launch

By April 17, 2019 July 12th, 2019 Blog, Ignition, Ignition Explained

Ignition 8.0 Launch

After a LOOOOOONG wait (I mean come on 6 hours would have felt like forever) Ignition 8.0 has launched!

Want to skip to the download for your unlimited amounts of 2 hours free trials? Not a problem, follow this link and go to town!

Ignition 8.0 Major Upgrades

There are a ton of major changes that we should hit the high points and then as we use and build upon it, we’ll expand on our first feelings.

Overall, 8.0 is going to help everyone push their Industrial Systems, and allow them to make the jump to mobile. It’s going to help create better Enterprise solutions. It’s going to supercharge all the things that we’ve come to love and expect.

To do this, we need to be able to use Ignition without Java. We need to be able to work on mobile devices natively.

Bye Java?

The more and more Corso works on large scale Enterprise solutions, the more we hear “We don’t want to install Java.” For whatever reason, be it IT or wanting to stay away from Oracle owned software, with ever changing pricing structures, a couple things have happened.

The first and major change that has happened is Perspective. If you haven’t heard, we’ve been excited and at the forefront of lots of that development. You can find us all over that page. Generally, it’s allowing up to build HTML5 webpages as part of your Ignition system. More on that below.

The other major change to get away from Oracle Java is OpenJDK. Carl and Colby actually wrote about this in May of 2018. Now “Java” is packaged with the Ignition download, making it even easier to get up and running.

As a side note, Corso has customers running OpenJDK on their production servers and have not have any issues. Nor do we foresee any issues.

To make sure we’re completely clear. If you have Ignition running on premises, you’re going to need some type of Java for vision, for the gateways, for the designers. Is it possible to run everything in the cloud and not have java installed on premises? Yes.


If you’ve been living under a rock, or haven’t been following us. We’ve been excited about it. This will allow us to take your Ignition screens and let you access them anywhere you can access them via webpage.

In a nutshell, Perspective is going to allow you to take your Ignition system, apply “standard ” web design, and then make an amazing application anywhere.

Check out Alex’s 9 Perspective Tips for Ignition Developers  Plus Ignition Explained Mobile and Perspective Modules.


Thinking Vision is old, outdated, and going to die? Think again. There are some really interesting upgrades to Vision, including the vision launcher.

At the time of this writing, we still fully expect to be using vision for HMI clients. Using Edge Panels and want visualization? Yup, you’re going to be using vision.

Corso has actually created an internal project on 8.0 Vision and we’re in the process of putting together some more content surrounding that.

Carl and Colby also wrote a good article about that, which you should check out.

Next Steps?

If you haven’t left to download yourselves, that’s fantastic, thanks for making it to the end! Go check it out yourself!
Using it? Tell us what you think about it?

Want Corso to build you a system using the latest and greatest technologies? We’d be happy to do that too.

As always, you can us Dave@CorsoSystems.com or (773) 241.0004