Ignition 8.0 Has Changed The Game

After a long wait, we finally have our hands on the Ignition 8.0 demo. If we take the initial Ignition release as one of the significant shifts in our industry, moving away from tag count and window count based licenses, moving to the unlimited licensing model, this alone changed the game. Moving from Windows-only software to software you can run on any operating system, this alone changed the game. Then building it all in a very easy to understand way so people could get up and running without years of training, while providing the depth for people who need to get in an customize everything, this alone changed the game.

To be totally honest I’m not sure we are even allowed to share this look into the Ignition 8.0 Beta. I don’t think they will mind, and we are happy to ask for forgiveness on this one, I believe this is the first look into the actual software on anyone’s site that doesn’t have Inductive Automation in the address.

Incremental Awesomeness

Ignition 8.0 builds upon everything that has come before it and makes life even easier. We will dive deeper into things like Perspective (this will BLOW YOUR MIND), source control integration, and the shift to making things even more easy for large-scale systems into future posts, here I wanted to cover a couple of things that put a giant smile on my face before I logged into the gateway.

First, you can now set your HTTP port before you even start the gateway for the first time. Notice in the URL we have the default of port 8088, and in the browser pane, I am changing this to port 80, BEFORE we have had to open up the gateway control utility, change the port, then restart everything. This process always came with a twinge of pain and is now an absolute delight.

Security Simplified

Second, before we even get into the gateway we can set the administrator account, and password!?!?!? You mean we no longer have to launch everything, change the port, restart the gateway, go to the gateway, log in, go to configuration, users, manage users, edit the password, and then be done? We can just do it first? This again is one of those things where the little bit of polish makes a fantastic piece of software even more intuitive and delightful to use.

Lastly, when we are setting up a new gateway, what are the first things we typically do? Set up devices so we can start pulling in data, then connect to a database so we can define the database when we create a project? It is our lucky day. Inductive Automation has given us links to do all of these tasks from one page, right when we would normally go into the gateway configuration to do all of these things anyway.

Guiding You to the Goal

Is this life-changing? No, it isn’t, and it doesn’t need to be. This isn’t a complicated process, to begin with, Inductive Automation has just made it easier and more intuitive to use. I am loving this.

It is still going to get even better…


You know how as an integrator, or a plant with multiple gateways, you have a folder, probably called “Development” or “Designers” where you save a copy of each gateway’s designer shortcut, so you don’t have to go into each gateway every time you need to open a designer?

Ignition 8.0 solves this problem by giving you the Designer Launcher application.


Just add in your gateways, and you will have a central location to launch all of your designers, for all of your gateways. We’ll go into more detail on this as we bring more systems online with Ignition 8.0. For example, how well this plays with VPN connections, etc.

Keep in mind this is all just the beta, so it is going to only grow and improve from here. We haven’t even opened a designer yet…


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