How and Why You Need To Schedule Operators

Scheduling is not the easiest thing in the world. Some facilities have everything beautifully automated.  Others make you miss the day of figuring out classes by pencil and paper. There’s a lot of erasing. Corso is going to put together a handful of posts talking about scheduling.

If you missed the first post, check out Scheduling Machines & Product.

Again, there are many scheduling options including inside your Industrial Control System, ERP, or web based.

There isn’t a easy, this is your solution. If that’s what you’re looking for,  give Dave a call, and let’s have a conversation.


Initially scheduling operators could seem like an HR topic. Simply who needs to come in at what time. Corso has noticed that there are more and more facilities that can benefit from adding the operators to their scheduling.

Many facilties that run lines are trying to run leaner and leaner. Let’s say process “A” needs 12 operator for the run. Process “B” needs 13, process “C” needs 11. Process “D” needs 14 and so on.

Following the rules that we talked about in the Machines & Product post. We’re able to factor in how many operators that are needed for each operations. So if we have two lines and 25 operators total, we know we can run Process “A” and “B” at once. Or we can run Process “C” and “D” at the same time. We cannot run Process “D” with “A” or “B” because we don’t have the operators.

How does this correlate to the real world?

Let’s say that there are five lines in three building at a facility. There are dozens or hundreds of process that need to be run everyday. There also can be a hundred or more operators. Making sure that you are making the parts that you need, while keeping the operators at work, plus not over scheduling anyone…That could be a lot of erasing.

This isn’t even taking into account the breaks, lunch, people getting sick, etc.

Instead of trying to figure this out by hand, or on the fly, let’s have a conversation about what the right scheduling system can look like for you.