Hardware Proficiency Control Panels

You probably know Corso for our software solutions. Part of our Hardware Proficiency series is to tell you about the other solutions that we offer. In our first post, we talked about a little bit of everything. Now we’re going to go into panel solutions more in-depth.

What is a Panel?

A panel in it’s most simplistic form is a box, probably with some DIN rail. They can range from small enough to just fit a 4in HMI to taller than Dave! Have you seen some of the old PLC5 panels? Or some of the control rooms that are completely full of panels? When done properly they are things of beauty, not only on the outside, but also on the inside, because they just work. The best control panel is the one that works and you never have to worry about.

Panels allow for flexibility of building and testing, then installing when the system is ready.

This is idea for both new builds as well as upgrades.

What do you put in a Panel?

At the heart of your panel is typically going to be something to control. This can vary from a series of PLC’s, VFD’s and more to Bill’s Raspberry Pi. What you put in your control panel depends on your application. Beyond the major components, what typically maters that it works.¬†Many facilities do not care which wires and fuses are used.

Adding these to an existing system? Perfect, we can make sure that the hardware and software integrate with your existing system. Building something new? Let us help you evaluate all of your options and find the solution that will work best. Are you putting these in remote locations? Ask us about adding the ability to remotely monitor your solution.

Why Corso?

You’re going to be inundated with opportunities for panels. Why choose Corso? Simply for the fact that we will make sure that they will work with your system.

We’re already going to be there working on your integration. Who better to trust than the people already working on your system? Note Alex sitting there diligently working on getting everything up and running.

While we’re in there, we can make sure that this will work with your Scheduling.

Plus we can make sure this integrates flawlessly with your SCADA and MES solutions.