Do You Have Automated Time Cards?

Does your facility use time cards? Or some other type of time tracking for your hourly workers?

Most facilities are going to give us a resounding yes.

We hear from a lot of facilities that getting people punched in (and out) en mass can be really hard. Some facilities tell us that HR wants to buy more time clocks to allow lines to move quicker.

At this point it this can be set that up in your MES.


When Corso sets up an MES, we’re going to set it up with users. If you’re using something like Active Directory, then we’re part of the way there. We would typically use this for users and roles. To give everyone access in your system. The operators, maintenance, supervisors, admin’s, and any other levels.

Now, if you’re using paper time cards, we can simply a login and logout button. The internal clocks are running and the system is already tracking users. After we’ve dumped that information into time sheets, you’ve automated some easy parts of the time card. Plus we’ve helped you save some trees!

What if you are doing more than paper time cards?

There are A LOT of time card options! A LOT! Ranging from free to more expensive than what you’re looking to spend.

If we want to integrate further than just your paper time sheets, then we need to look at your ERP. If you have an Enterprise Resource Planning software, you might use it for accounting reasons. If your accountants use this for paying everyone, Corso can integrate directly with this.

To drill in a little further. We can send the raw time-in time-out data. We can also store the timing and employee time data and send it all as one nice package.



Many facilties are happy to use the existing operator interfaces, be it computers or HMI’s. Some facilities want something more secure than a username and password. We can also use badging if you are using it, RFID, QR Codes, Biometrics, or whatever you need. As long as we can get the inputs into the system, we can be really flexible.


What can we build this on? Just about anything. We can set it up on Inductive Automation’s Ignition, Siemens WinCC OA, Rockwell’s FactoryTalk, or most other platforms.

Don’t have a system? Don’t worry. We can customize a web based solution just for you!


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