Welcome to the Blog!

Here you’ll find answers to questions we get asked a lot, updates on what we are up to, posts from our YouTube Channel,  and other fun stuff that we find interesting. Like most everything else that we are doing, we’re going minimalist. It’s easy to digest version, because you’re a busy person and if want to know more, drop us a line.

You may have noticed that we don’t have an FAQ section. In this industry the solution that worked on the last project might look very different from the best solution for you. We do our best to provide the framework of knowledge and then fill in everything for the individual customers. If any Systems Integration Firm answers a question like what is the best MES or Process Historian, with anything that doesn’t include “it depends…”, RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!


Where does Corso come from?


We are going to answer the most popular question that we get: Where does Corso come from?

The easy answer is that Corso is an Italian word that roughly translates into Process. When Alex was looking for something to describe what you currently know as Corso, he was looking for a word that that was both simple and yet translated gave you comfort. Corso is here to help get the most out of your system. Corso Systems, here to help you improve and get the most of your process. Whatever that process may be. Wherever you are located.

It’s Italian?!?


You’re next question is why an Italian word? Well Italy is a place that Alex holds near and dear to his heart. The whole story is something that you will have to ask him and you should it’s fantastic! The highlights include an integration that just won’t end and flights that got pushed back a dozen times. Amongst other things, he returned with a love for Espresso! Whatever you do don’t ask him to tell you the story in Italian…the language was one thing that he didn’t pick up.

The only other thing that Corso needed now, was a logo. Here’s a flash from the past for everyone who was with us in the beginning! Pretty close to our current design, Alex says that he peeked at this logo, but we think that he’s still got a few good ones left!

Corso has come a long way from Alex’s time in Italy. We’ve grown in the type and size of jobs that we do, the number of people that we have, and the family (that’s you guys) who have come to trust us with delivering the best solutions. We are really excited about continuing to grow all of those things and that you are along for the ride!


We’ve come a long way, The future’s never been brighter for the FAMILY.


We started the Blog by talking about family and calling you, our family, we truly mean that. For anyone with a close family, Italian or otherwise, that family is important. We care about you and each other more than just what’s happening at work, we want to know about your weekend plans and your next vacation.

So the next time that we talk and we ask how you’re doing or if you had a nice weekend, tell us your hopes and dreams, tell us your last vacation or your next hike. Ask us about our side projects, or what the next trip that we have planned. Hell, ask us about our worst hotel experience, only if you’re prepared for some really bad stories.