Corso Systems cares about your company, and we care about the longevity of the technology we build to help improve it. That's why we created Corso Care- a long-term option to monitor the life and health of your system- to make sure everything is performing at top quality long after development has ended.

What Is Corso Care?

First and foremost, Corso Care is an instant defense against downtime.

With Corso Care, we receive automatic and immediate notifications of any system trouble, and you receive a monthly report on the health of your system.  This helps ensure that everything is running smoothly and your system continues to run well over time.

Additionally, Corso Care includes routine maintenance of your software, making sure it’s up-to-date and performing routine backups to ensure superior performance.  With backups of your servers, PLC code, and data stored and frequently updated, we’re prepared for a speedy and effective recovery in case something goes wrong.

On your end, Corso Care offers peace of mind, as well as a monthly system health report to you and your team, including detailed information about any downtime troubleshooting that was necessary.  Corso Care allows us to learn about and address system errors before you even know they happen, helping us ensure continued system quality and performance.

Corso Care is available for any system, including HMI, SCADA, and more, and we can have it up and running about as soon as we can get access to your system.

Finally, with Corso Care comes the offer of 24/7 phone support, meaning we are always just a phone call away, and ready to answer your questions whenever you need the help.

How Does It Work?

To get Corso Care up and running, we first set up a small bit of code on your system to automatically keep us up to date on the health of your servers. Then, if something goes down, goes into failover mode, or begins to slow down, Corso Care will immediately send out an alert to our internal systems and team members.  From there, we track down the origin of the issue, and get started on resolving it ASAP.

We use our own internal servers as well as some third-party tools to monitor the health of all our servers.  All Corso team members have access to a dashboard with information about machine status as well as how to contact customers and how to tackle problems in the event of an issue.  Error reports get sent to our internal servers immediately, and are accompanied by email, SMS, and voice notifications to ensure immediate awareness of a problem.  When it comes to system errors time can equal money, and often a quick, simple troubleshoot can prevent minor hiccups from turning into more major, costly issues.

Finally, even when your system is running smoothly, Corso Care will still send a monthly report on the system’s  health and functioning , just to help you stay on top of performance.

Why Do I Need It?

Corso Care is quality assurance for your systems.  Nothing is worse than coming in ready for a lucrative day of maximum production, only to discover that something went offline in the night (cue: mad dash to get everything back online, and harried efforts to figure out if and what data was lost).  There’s no way to predict when something is going to crash, so you need to be constantly prepared to address it if it does.

Corso Care offers this preparation- and more- by helping us keep your system running smoothly long after the development and implementation stages are complete.  It allows us to make sure your system stays up to date, and gives us the ability to identify and troubleshoot downtime quickly and efficiently in order to ensure maximum system productivity.  Corso Care is one more way to maintain the health and performance of your systems, while making sure that you receive the most timely and personal attention possible.

Already client and interesting in adding Corso Care?  Have more questions?  Please feel free to drop us a line!