Corsmas 2019 Austin, Texas

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Corsmas 2019 Austin, Texas

Being a remote team has a ton of advantages, you’ve heard us talk about them all over the place. There are a few detractors, like it’s not easy to get everyone together to work, or have that killer end of the year party. Once a year, Corso has Corsmas! We pick a city to go to, converge with our spouses or significant others, and spend a few days working, seeing the cites, and generally hanging out.

Sometime around June, Dave realized that we just didn’t post things from 2018 in Washington, DC. The best laid plans. So this year not only are we writing about it, but we’ve also got some videos. Getting (almost) everyone on video was a top priority for Corso’s crack team of videographers, editors, and all around genius content creators. We say almost because John didn’t grace us with his presence until the following day.

The Video

We had a ton of fun making this as an homage to all the other videos that we’ve been making and think it came together amazingly.

The Blooperz

What is better than some of the Corso Videos? The Corso Bloopers! We pushed these into two separate videos because they are both perfect on their own.


The Other Stuff

The work was great, you’re going to be seeing a lot of what we talked about launched in the coming months. We’re not going to spoil that. You’ve seen Alex’s picture at Top Golf. We spent an evening there. If you want to see it, check out Corso’s Corner, our weekly tech newsletter.

You’ll see updated War Bags from those of us who wanted to get in front of the camera.

Bill gave everyone these amazing little puzzles, and so the clicking and clacking was present at every moment of silence.

We ate some really great food, drank some good drinks, spending time on both Rainey Street and 6th Street.

There were scooters, and lots of walking. We were lucky that the weather was really nice for end of January.

What Else?

It’s always an amazing opportunity to spend time face to face with people we spend the rest of the time talking to digitally. Every time we all get together, the company always gets stronger.

Another Corsmas is in the books and we’re getting ready for another killer event middle of the year.

Which video did you like the most? Let us know how we’re doing!

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