If you’ve new to Corso, Welcome! If you’ve been part of the family for a while, Welcome back! We might have broken bread, had a Barbeque, or shared drinks. Either way, we’re happy that you’re here and we should do one of those things again soon!

Change is Good: New Things

You may have noticed that we have  a new website and that we are growing, the new site helps us post these blogs and give you more content. Let us know what you think about these. If we need to make this a weekly post, and more importantly, what do you want to read about!

Corso’s Corner

In addition to our new blogs, which you are reading. We are writing Corso’s Corner, weekly updates on news you care about, in your inbox every Tuesday. We’re taking a novel approach and telling you what awesome things that we’ve done, showing you a picture of where we’ve been, finding tech/industry stories you might want to read, and the best YouTube video that we’ve found that week. The novel approach is that we’re not trying to sell you in the newsletter! This is for you, because we respect you as a person and not just a “sales opportunity.”

Weekly Educational Videos

Wednesdays over the summer of 2017 (and maybe beyond) we are uploading Educational Videos on YouTube, because we get asked a lot of questions about Process Controls, Automation, Integration, MES, and how everything goes together, so we’re trying to give you the most unbiased answers possible.

Case Studies

You’ll also notice some really great new Case Studies, that we are populating, yeah, this site makes it easy to do that as well. We know that everyone loves video’s so we are pushing to make more of these case studies in dual format. You know how it goes in Industry, the bigger and more exciting the projects, the harder it is to get the “Legal Department’s” approval.

We also plan on launching some more really cool products soon and you can read about them here first. The content is really for you and we’d love to hear what you’re interested in seeing next.

More of Us, Closer to You

Not only do we have this fantastic new site, but we have added people to expand our footprint. In addition to the Midwest and Nevada markets that we’ve always had amazing coverage, we now have people on both coasts. To better serve our existing customers and to provide that same great Corso service that you’ve come to expect.

We’ll go into more detail soon about Corso’s core personnel to give you a chance to get to know everyone better. For now, know that Alex and Bill are still working hard to provide you solutions. Evan is in Portland, OR the home of many things including more craft breweries than we can count (we’ve tried.) Dave, the guy who will be providing most of this content. He loves to travel, and would love to come see how Corso can help you, give him and excuse please! Typically you can find him in the Mid-Atlantic or the East Coast, if he’s not making a swing somewhere else.

Now it’s your turn, tell us something about you, and help us keep the conversation going.


Check out our New Contact Us Page, and all of the other new pages that can be found. Keep the conversation going!